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Catting around by BlazeyBakeneko Catting around :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 4 6 It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To by BlazeyBakeneko It's My Party And I'll Cry If I Want To :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 5 0 Madokami checks up on you by BlazeyBakeneko Madokami checks up on you :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 8 6 Circuit Lover by BlazeyBakeneko Circuit Lover :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 1 12 Imprisoned in Zen by BlazeyBakeneko Imprisoned in Zen :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 4 9 Hotel Prower by BlazeyBakeneko Hotel Prower :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 6 13 Newly Nonbinary by BlazeyBakeneko Newly Nonbinary :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 3 2 Everyday I'm Shuffling by BlazeyBakeneko Everyday I'm Shuffling :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 11 7 Sometimes you feel like a Nut by BlazeyBakeneko Sometimes you feel like a Nut :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 15 18 Awoo, 350 dollar reward by BlazeyBakeneko Awoo, 350 dollar reward :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 3 5 Purgatorial by BlazeyBakeneko Purgatorial :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 2 8 The new Queen of Sauria by BlazeyBakeneko The new Queen of Sauria :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 2 0 Conversion Rates are up by BlazeyBakeneko Conversion Rates are up :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 24 15 Warning Incoming Game by BlazeyBakeneko Warning Incoming Game :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 6 9 Double Console Production by BlazeyBakeneko Double Console Production :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 9 16 Blast Processed by BlazeyBakeneko Blast Processed :iconblazeybakeneko:BlazeyBakeneko 9 20


Rise of The Omo's - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 – A growing army.
“Man. There never seems to be a two-tailed fox around when ya need him,” said Sonic as he continued to run around looking for his pal. It had been some time since he started the search with a few pit stops for snacks in-between, but there was no sign of Tails or Amy anywhere.
“Ok, I’ve had enough. I’m checking his place again. Surely he must be back by now.” He revered and run straight back to Green Hill where he arrived back at Tails workshop. He usually enjoyed a long run like this when Dr Eggman wasn’t causing trouble, but now the hedgehog just wanted this to be over for the sake of keeping Cream waiting.
“Yo Tails, open up! If your still not here, then I’m gonna nap outside your front door until you open up.” He rang on the doorbell several times until Tails finally opened the door looking a little worried.
“Hey Sonic, yo
:iconcontrolofminds:ControlOfMinds 18 13
Rise of the Omo's - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 – The Birth of Oma-Amy
Amy continued to march stiffly along Green Hill with Omochao flying right beside her, laughing maniacally at the thought of making a complete fool out of the pink hedgehog.  They were coming up towards the restaurant from yesterday which gave the robot an idea.
“I’m gonna march you right towards those guys eating lunch over there, and you’ll walk right over the table messing up their lunch!” he said pointing towards a monkey and a gorilla eating. “Muhahahaha! My well thought out schemes know no limits!” He got behind Amy and turned her key around more so that it wouldn’t run out too early and flew off to hide. Amy kept moving forward mindlessly towards the table at a slow pace.
“This joint is out in the middle of nowhere and it took em half an hour to bring me my grub!” said the monkey as he munched on a piece of banana cake.
“Relax dear chum,” the gorilla replied in a s
:iconcontrolofminds:ControlOfMinds 43 16
Rise of the Omo's - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – An Omo Kind of Evil.  
Springtime had arrived and many of the citizens of Sonic’s World were all outside enjoying the warm weather. All except for Miles Tails Prower, who was perfectly happy inside his workshop as he was busy working on something. Whenever Tails wasn’t out adventuring with his best friend Sonic, he would be building new inventions to either benefit against many battles with Dr Eggman, or for his own benefits. Elsewhere Sonic the Hedgehog was running around, as usual, looking for something to do. He and the rest of his friends had recently defeated Eggman so everything was nice and peaceful, for now at least. Sonic was enjoying his free time while it lasted as Eggman wouldn’t take long to resurface for another battle of good vs evil. Sonic decided that he wanted to go and visit Tails, so in a matter of minutes, he arrived at his door. He walked himself in finding Tails working.
“Hey, buddy, what’ya working on?&
:iconcontrolofminds:ControlOfMinds 69 10
Mecha Sally vs Nagus Micro Scene
Nagus floated as a helpless spirit above St. John's unconscious but freed body.
"Wait! Stop! If you destroy me and my magic, you'll never have any chance of being cured!"
Mecha Sally charged up her head canon, her eyes never leaving the wizard's specter. "I've had a while to think about it since I've been freed from Robotnik's control, with my friends and my family, and I've realized: as long as my choices are my own?" She fired a blast that obliterated Nagus' presence from this plane of reality. "There's nothing about me that needs to be 'cured.' "
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 6 14
The Custom Heroes - And my Thoughts on Them
So...remember when I said that Lowell could be the next character in Sonic Forces? WELL...
I'm fairly sure the news we got about Sonic Forces concerning that mysterious third character was one of the more...contentious things this franchise has ever managed to whip up for itself. At least, that's what some say. I'd say it's a touch more straightforward than simply "some like it, some hate it and most don't mind". Yes, even simpler than THAT. For those who don't know, the new character in Sonic you! Yes, finally, we have been given a Character Creator, a true Original Character generator. You can make your own character, customise him or her, and use them to save the world and battle Eggman. Details are a bit sketchy but it seems the third wheel gameplay is Modern Sonic's boost-style gameplay, only instead of Boosting you are allowed to use actual weaponry and combat against the robots, designed around using the Wisps and a grappling hook.
Now this has its supporters and its
:iconmasterperrymartin:MasterPerryMartin 4 42
Lamia Hannah by Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger
Mature content
Lamia Hannah :iconzoe-the-pink-ranger:Zoe-the-Pink-Ranger 31 44
Young Palutena by Tailikku1 Young Palutena :icontailikku1:Tailikku1 11 2 Puppetized Amy by SissyFairy Puppetized Amy :iconsissyfairy:SissyFairy 19 4 Tf sprite test by Maurili Tf sprite test :iconmaurili:Maurili 7 31 Geeked Amy by SissyFairy Geeked Amy :iconsissyfairy:SissyFairy 4 17 Ponies hypnotized Ballerinas by XxmaskedponyxX Ponies hypnotized Ballerinas :iconxxmaskedponyxx:XxmaskedponyxX 14 10 Fluttershy and two ballerinas by XxmaskedponyxX Fluttershy and two ballerinas :iconxxmaskedponyxx:XxmaskedponyxX 13 6 Spike and Ember Hypnotized Ballerina by XxmaskedponyxX Spike and Ember Hypnotized Ballerina :iconxxmaskedponyxx:XxmaskedponyxX 24 59 Super Juiced by CaseterMK
Mature content
Super Juiced :iconcasetermk:CaseterMK 278 28
Giga Roll by CaseterMK
Mature content
Giga Roll :iconcasetermk:CaseterMK 204 30
Reverse Corruption Bowser Sculpt A New Princess
"Lord Bowser! A gift from Princess Peach! She said to open it next time you plan on kidnapping her!" Said two Goombas running in with a large box.
He got up from his throne and laughed. "HA! I knew she cared about me more than that pesky plumber! Must be a tuxedo for our wedding!"
Sure, Peach had said 'no' like, several dozen times, and that one time they had actually gotten married had nearly triggered the end of the world, but he wasn't about to let something like that stop him. Like when his koopalings turned the kings of the mushroom worlds into animals and stole their wands as a distraction to kidnap her again. She was just playing hard to get.
Bowser tore open the box. A jeweled-wand on a jack-in-the-box like spring popped out and blasted the koopa king, turning him to clay.
The 'Goombas' threw off their costumes, revealing themselves to be toads. "That was too easy!" Said Captain Toad.
"I'll get Bowser, you get the warp whistle!" Toadette said as she grabbed hold of Bowser. Capt
:iconalexwarlorn:alexwarlorn 62 37


Hope to try and be a little more active tomorrow as I continue healing.
Pretty good so far, hope to be a little bit more talkative tomorrow, and maybe start captioning/answering notes/feedback more on Monday before hopefully making a full return sometime after the dental appointment on Thursday.
Antibiotics seem to be working slowly but surely. Hope to be able to be logged in for longer by day after tomorrow at latest, then be able to make a full return sometime after next Thursday.
I'm not going to be fully up to snuff until this is all over but I'm happy to report I'm in a bit less of a drowsy stupor and that the meds seem to be doing their job in weakening the infection before the dentist finishes it off next week. Also, I found a couple great pics for new caps, so hope to have that done soon. :3 I looked at the medicine bottle today and the label specifically says to take them by mouth...I can only assume there was a problem with people thinking the pills were a suppository. O_o Can't think the word "suppository" in anything but Professor Farnsworth's voice anymore.

Anyway, hope to have more to update with soon. :D
Pretty addled, but sort of getting used to the new sleep schedule that'll be going on til I recover totally. Hope to start making more content to make up a bit for the long delay on requests. See you guys soon, and hope to check my notes and feedback tomorrow too. :)



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Hope to try and be a little more active tomorrow as I continue healing.


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